Im Christina T ZChyn

A human being who survive in these 7 billion population out of 195 countries of the world . Thought of being a full time “Journalist” or “Adventure Explorer”  who love to dive into the sea  and hike up mountains . Growing up seem make those utter innocence in oblivion out of nowhere . Hence create a space to spell out the stories and share the budget backpack travel journey to affordable countries as normal working engineer . Life is to short to wait for you to get ready but always live for the moment . 

Let’s wayfaring with me , enjoy reading !

One destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things and inspire your life to be who you are …”

– You Only Live Once  – 


Feature Wayfarers ◊ 

Besides sharing my own travelogue , any friends, backpackers and travelers who wish to share their tips and travel journey are welcome to feature in for individual post =) .

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