I always love Thailand since my first stepped into this country 7 years ago with my family for the Thai family visitation . From the food , people , culture and landscaping or even temple architecture gave me good impression  . After staying in the city  Bangkok for 3 days done all the typical shopping and food hunt , I planned my journey up to the north region via the local train . I decided to give my first stop to the former ancient city – Ayutthaya .

We woke up 5am in the morning checked out and called grab to take the earliest train ride at Bangkok Railway Station . The train ticket that cost us 15 THB per person which was the free seat fan cabin that no pre-book required . It will only open for purchase on the same travel day  . It’s cheap and basic but served the needs .


The reward moment of waking early . Sunrise !

The morning breeze was refreshing . I was feeling fresh and probably took 10 min only nap along the journey as the view was so rewarding ! Observing the local people and students in uniform took local train from different area to school kind of remind me of the familiar scene  in Japan but with slightly old train design and speed .  I

t took us around 1 hour 50 min to reach Ayutthaya station which I was quite surprise with the punctuality of Thailand local train . The train station still remain the old school traditional vintage design and it’s relatively clean and well maintain for its age . We moved to look for luggage storage right after we purchased train ticket to secure our time to next city Lopburi in the same day .

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We were approached by different tuk tuk drivers once we stepped out of the train station . I knew that we were going to do only the half day tour hence we rent a scooter which was around 200 THB plus round 50 THB additional fuel filled our for a day even we just need a half day .

There are plenty options of wat ( temple ) touring methods like hiring tuk tuk and mini van with / without guide service or rent a bicycle & motorcycle and ride around . About owning the international licences part , it didn’t seem to be much concerned here .  Only if you didn’t stop by polices


How to access from point to point 

There was free Ayutthaya’s map with each Wat location & information shared inside . Since we have limited time , we circled up few must go temple and ride according the map which surprisingly easier and nearer than I thought . Google map will good to ensure don’t go a wrong route.

1st stop , We went to Wat Yai Chai Mong Khon which was the closest to the railway station.  It seem to be one of the most popular temple which I could see the crowd even early in the morning . Unlike Angkor Wat in cambodia . Most Wat entry here are FOC !! and no permit is needed despite the city is also one of the heritage historical park !

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The cooling weather in the morning was perfect for temple hooping 

2nd stop – Wat Mahathat where it’s famous with the Buddha head in tree trunks. Beside this ” common” attraction there are still plenty of big trees and and different type of Buddha’s statues in the park . It was suppose to be pay park area but due to death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej  . The park free from admission for certain period . 

The temple architecture design of Siamese & Khmer has it similarity in structure yet the decay colour gradient in Ayutthaya look more vibrant and lively that create warmness feeling .

DSCF855620161227_090606 DSCF8514 DSCF8540 DSCF8551 DSCF8538-2

3rd Stop – Wat Phra Si Sanphet where located near to the Royal Palace Ground where to Royal Monk live . Generally most temple there look huge and newer as it’s built during the middle period.DSCF8590 DSCF8594 DSCF8583 DSCF8571 20161227_100532

4th stop – Wat Chai Wattanaram located slightly far from all the above temples . We sort of riding 15 min to reach . It was built the late period when one of the king built for his mother homeland purposes . It was on renovation when we were there. Plenty of building was under the renovation with steel on it . I would say that the preservation effort here were much more well planned than what I seen in Cambodia .  

DSCF8609 DSCF862020161227_113802 20161227_115413 DSCF8617

Overall , we managed to visit 4 temples within the 4 -5 hours duration as our targeted time since we weren’t to visit all the temples.  Later on , we returned the motorcycle and catch quick lunch while waiting the train to arrive at 1:05 pm  . 

Our next destination along the rail will be Lopburi  to catch up the long waited sunflower farm in Khao Jeen Lae  which only available in Dec & Jan !


Cost you might want to know

Train from Bangkok -> Ayutthaya => 15 THB

Luggage storage =>  15 THB / luggage  

Scooter rental  => 200 THB

Fuel => 40 THB 

Lunch -> 50 THB

Train from Ayutthaya to Lopburi  => 13 THB


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