Tried to recall my last visit to Andaman Sea Langkawi island when I was 12 years old . Flipped the photo album , it would be the aquarium under water world and also the signature eagle statue .  This time I decided to skip those typical visitation in this island . I was browsing some accommodation that could fit 6 of us with the best rate. Manage to find  the hidden Sunset Valley House in Langkawi Island where located in the off beaten area. Happened to get a promo discount rate from Gudrun Sunset Valley with 20% discount for the 4 days 3 nights  stay in Langkawi with RM288/ per pax . 

It was sunny day . Took out the phone and googled for the location . Drove our poor rental car condition along the rubber plantation forest and also greenish paddy field area which I least expected to be seen . For the 2nd thought it make me think of Bali road. Calm and slow pace.


There are several type of villa available to accommodate different group size of people. We chose the Forest House which to fit 5 of us ( can fit 6) .It’s my first time staying the Malay traditional house with fully furnished modern bathroom and kitchenette in a limited space condition. Credit to interior design that utilize the space wisely create a relatively spacious compare to what I saw from the exterior.  Simple 2 bedrooms good enough to relax ourselves in comfortable bed that surround by the element of wood . Expect to have some horrible lizard and unknown colourful bugs fly in ? Not to worry . Mosquito net did the job perfectly from being attacked. 

DSCF4753 DSCF4736 DSCF4754 DSCF4731DSCF4734

It was low season period that only 1 group  which was us staying in such beautiful and zen place for 3 nights that make us feel like owning the whole villa and all the facilities. There are different type of house which can cater from 2 to 6 person in a house. 

DSCF4761 DSCF4762 DSCF4760 DSCF4759 DSCF4935 DSCF4933


The 17 years old cat in the house

All houses in sunset valley designated with Malay traditional house which suppose to be chill with cooling wood and the good circulating of air. However the heat still make us unbearable most of the time . The sweating hot day during the daytime urged me to dip into the pool to pamper the eyes with the paddy rice view  ! That’s definitely one of the highlight of this lodging .


Swimming along with paddy rice field, what can you ask for more ???


Of course some red wine ! BBQ equipment with bar is just right beside the pool but we were just too prepare everything .

Despite the small kitchenette space but complete cooking tools and cutlery were all there. We full utilized them to prepare breakfast for 2 morning. Ingredients can easily get from any mall or mini market nearby. Not to forget a chef to cook . Seasoning wise may buy it from owner in small packet form which is more practical. DSCF4926DSCF4927DSCF4930

Healthy breakfast even it’s a little cool after we took an hour plus to prepare . Alright process of cooking is more important  

Unexpected food taste

While we were starving seeking around for some food to cure our stomach on the first day.  Gudrun strongly recommended to try out the Indian fusion food near by Sunset valley which was around 10 min drive. We never thought of other option as it seem to be the nearest and we just wanna cure our noisy stomach. Again , followed Gudrun given instruction by stating left and right leaded us to some small road that we though it’s wrong path . It turned out that we reach the destination in 5-10 min 


Looking at the menu price , we were stunt for minute for the price as it’s pricey . While we decided to order for the cheapo fried rice all that . The owner  Jimmy stopped us. He is funny retired man who own a small business in this island . After some joking session with explanation that we must go for his Chicken butter Masala , fish sambal and rendang chicken. Alright , we did convinced by this former 5 stars dining manager to place our order according to the recommendation even a small plate easily cost RM35~RM42 range.


Dining with this scene was like extra layback and slow

DSCF4710 DSCF4713 DSCF4714 DSCF4717

All of them tasted sooo yummy that i just need to refill another plate of rice despite I am small eater !

I have no idea why the fusion here seem to be so different compared with what we had out there . I sorted of asked the recipe ….Tada of course it’s secret . What we knew that the key ingredient will be Marsala sauce that cooked continuously for 2 days . We went in the kitchen as we were the only customer at this weird 3pm time to have lunch .Happening the dessert “Kulfi ” preparation was half way on going and he generously shared the method to us. Non of us manage to make it so far…   Definitely will revisit Pia’s The Padi again for the food .


 Explore and be grateful how pretty the homeland .


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