The last stop to this historical Ipoh town was 3 years back trips after ended my last paper in the University life. Most of the streets and buildings remain it’s Chinese immersion influence like any other state in Malaysia. The  change as compare to my last visit  is that It’s getting more touristic with blooming of cafes opening in town .

I chose to stay in one of the Sekeping Retreats  family property in Ipoh old town – greenish Sekeping Kong Heng  . Basically it’s an old building refurnished by the Sekeping way of design series that follow the original or known as 1st Sekeping Serendah retreat in Selangor . It’s like hidden green gem in the city of this old building where I could  feel the green surrounded . 


The 3rd floor view .

The room only available to check in after 2pm . Sekeping Kong Heng has the same concept interior design as the other sekeping retreat . Mostly are made up with simple material like steel /iron form it to different facilities or bed frame . .There are several room options in this building which are all refurnished yet still maintained it’s vintage feel.  It kept the origin wear and tear of the building yet with clean condition created mixture of modern facilities  stayed in standard room which cost RM220 per night that accommodate for 2 person . It’s connected with the communal space building . DSCF4207

The Entrance DSCF4209The standard room corridor  .

The room was clan and comfortable . Each room has the same design interior with separation of thin partition wall and wooden floor. Those description , you might can related the sound proof capability of the room . Well, it’s  an old building , guest might really need to beware of the sounds you made or being calm with created sounds by others. Another highlight or conflict of this eco friendly design is the present of aircond in each room . Something good for person who worry of heat. DSCF4211DSCF4224DSCF4307DSCF4218                  DSCF4212DSCF4214

The opposite would be the family room which fit 6 person in . Go up to the top will be the glass box room and the common living room with simple kitchen attached.DSCF4257DSCF4309DSCF4308DSCF4314

The common living room attached with dry kitchen design that equip with microwave oven and basic tableware. Good for some layback reading.

Further go another block which name as old block has a common swimming pool and also another different design type of room which more to the modern interior concept .DSCF4262DSCF4259 

Food around Sekeping Kong Heng

Ipoh town meant to feed our tummy bloated. There are so many food option nearby Sekeping Kong Heng with walking distance . Local kopitiam to cozy cafe.DSCF4188

 南洲 Nam Zhao Dried Curry Mee . It sort of remind Sarawak Laksa. Strong and spice flavorable type .


Exactly upon reached that area , Tian Jin is right infront . There are plenty of famous Ipoh’s food could be found there. One of the touristic area . To avoid some chaotic to queue at the famous restaurant . This place could fix your crave .  

DSCF4174 DSCF4171 DSCF4166 DSCF4180Coke flavoring ice ball that attracted my attention #eatlikeakid  DSCF4341I always feel cafe serve pretty standard and ordinary food . However Patisserie Boutique Cafe won my heart .They serve really delicious food surprisingly.

Further from Sekeping Kong Heng reach via driving distance will be all time favourite that could not be miss ! The silky Funny Mountain Tao Fu Fa & Nam Heong Kopi !

A pack of Ice kopi fixed crave with satisfaction ended my Ipoh short gateway  !

#whatcantbemissed ?DSCF4406

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