The Magical Journey to Everest Base Camp ◊ —> continue

24/7: After 2 hours of bumpy ride from Everest base camp, we thought we had to get this captured.

The girls.


The guys.


25/7: Tiny little flowers were blooming along the way from (日客则) to Namtso Lake! Rolling on the grass, reaching out to the fluffy cloud.



Random pit stop along the way to Namtso Lake. We were dropped just on time when the train passed by. As if this is planned!



Ain’t these flowers pretty!!


Very near to the place that I was dreading to be.


The day was getting cold when we reached Namtso. After throwing down our stuff, quickly we moved to the lakeside to catch the sun set. Bloody cold and quite a long way to a good spot to capture the sun set. We were urged to be quick so that we could get a real nice spot for photography.




Running as fast as I could. The sun began to set so quickly.


The highlight of Namtso Lake must be this – the milky way! The formation was so clear that you can see it with the naked eyes. This has got me awed for the whole night!


26/7: Mission of the day is to catch the sun rise. However I was not convinced by the idea of half hour hike. Therefore I chose to go back to the lake. The sun was visible slightly later compared to my friends.

Still water by the lakeside created amazing reflections.


Another mission was to get a selfie with the yak! Please note that one has to pay to get any photograph done with the yak. I sat and observed that they offered 2 packages. 1 with the yak into the water, another without. I chose the latter as the yaks looked rather pitiful and cold as they were whipped to get into the water.

DSC_0272-1All mission checked and it is the time for us to get back to reality…

Since the preparation of this trip, I always wondered if I could make it this far. I am not a mountain type of person, I get motion sickness very easily, I am not trained like an athletic. However I made the right choice to just make it! This is by far the most amazing and magical destination for me. If given another chance, I will say yes to come back again.

To fellow Malaysians who would like to pay Tibet a visit, do remember that you need to apply for a Tibetan visa on top of your China visa. Do plan ahead and make advance booking for the train. It is mandatory for you to get a tour guide along with you throughout Tibet. All these can be arranged when you engage with the tour agency. Kafein has done so much investigations that yielded us a real awesome agent and guide. Do look them up in the facebook: The boss do look quite cute though (hehehe). Highly recommended tour guide named 扎西.

Mobile | Whatsapp : +86 136-3890-1920
Skype: tourdays

After all, do prepare to fork out ~RM8000 for the whole journey. Flight ticket, train ticket, accommodations and meals inclusive.


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◊ Feature Wayfarer Travelogue Contributor – Tan KN ◊

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