The Magical Journey to Everest Base Camp ◊

◊ 拉萨-羊湖-日客则-定日-珠峰

Lhasa-Yamdrok Lake-Xigaze-Tingri- Everest Base Camp

22/7:  Headed out from hotel in Lhasa. We had a change of our driver today as the previous driver were assigned to other task. 1st thing to note entering the 4 wheel drive – it did not have any head rest! Fine… I still managed to make myself asleep. After a while, I smelled petrol leak. Then it comes the tyre abrasion smell! Later….the windscreens were not working, we were not able to wind them down! After several hard tries (as I was dying to get picture) I managed to wind down the window but it could never get back up! Fine….

1st stop – Yamdrok Lake which is one if the largest lake in Tibet. Just before the storm


Canola Glacier (卡诺拉冰川)


More photo overseeing the glacier. How can you resist that combination of blue sky with such magnificent view!








DSC_0554-1Magnificent grapeseed field


DSC_0649-1Just I though the day was going to end, our guide brought us to another local attraction -Tashilhunpo Monastery (扎什倫布寺).

















23/7: Today is the day that we have been looking forward to. We are finally heading to the legendary Everest base camp! It is going to be a long way from Xigaze (日客则) to the base camp. Our 1st stop Sakya Monastery (萨迦寺).

Serene, peace.










The sceneries along the way is as breathtaking as ever. Somewhere nearest to heaven we believe. And we can almost touch the sky.










After 2 hours of real bumpy ride, without proper tarred road, we finally reach the base camp! It is so cold that i can barely feel my hands. We believe it is around 1-5C.

The nothingness near the base camp. Very simple set up of the tents. Only simple cooking utensils and benches with bedding as beds. Yak’s dungs are used as fuel for cooking purposes. Although covered with warm blankets, I was awaken in the middle of the night trying hard to catch my breath. Suddenly the air was so thin in the middle of night. I had to sit upright, take a couple of real deep breath.

DSC_0878-1 DSC_0886-1








24/7: Another view at the base camp. Broad day light and it was still so…cold.



This sums up one of the most anticipated part of the trip. Due to foggy days, peak of Mount Everest was nowhere in sight. Too disappointed but this makes us want to come back again to check out Mr Everest one day. And one can hardly understand the determination of climbers that hike up to ~8000m to reach that peak.  I hardly catch my breath with just a short distance walk and climb. To reach that peak, that must be an ultimate challenge for a human being.


◊ Feature Wayfarer Travelogue Contributor – Tan KN ◊

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