Water activities are always not my things. Perhaps part of the reason is I can’t swim and also the motivation to learn till I realise how much fun I missed without this skill. (I can swim now )Eventually with such a good geographical place where rich with nature resource like Sabah WATER RAFTING is a must plan to be included ~ 

After rested a day with leisure activities in Kudasang ~ We stayed in Akinabalu Youth Hostel a night before head to Beaufort station for train ride to water rafting spot . Early morning with sleepy face went up the van and passed through some bumpy and unknown roads . It took us around 4 hours drive 93km journey to reach the Beaufort . The place name where I used to read it during my form 3 Geography & History lesson. I remember it well as I used to think it has nice naming by the British!  

Typical traditional railway train. The steam locomotive that used charcoal as fuel . Indeed Borneo is the only railway that still keeping this traditional transportation way in Malaysia. Mainly used for tourist and local who live in rural areas. It somehow recalled my memory of railway in 阿里山 Ali San, Taiwan. Pretty much the same concept except the super hot weather in Borneo, Malaysia .   

IMG_0612  IMG_0566IMG_0572

It was hot and stuffy inside . The only chilling method will be opening the window enjoy the nature wind with slow speed nor sit at the entrance to enjoy the view along the rail like what CK stunned in picture. I can’t recall how many stoppage along the journey as it stop regular .

















The hunger dogs savior CK contribute some bread while we waiting transit train to pick us up for water raftingIMG_0602

Basically all rafting guides have to bring sufficient amount of food for each individual group there. We saw our guide’s hands carried bundle of fruits and ingredient for our lunch as If  we were going to have camp there after rafting. After some light refreshment and guideline introduction ,  gear up done and headed to the starting point . Again we need to walk a distance to the start point . Walked with muscle soreness along the rail wasn’t something pleasant .  

Those who can’t really swim advised arrange to sit at the back as our Instructor told that the front will be the main who controlling the whole packraft  (boat) movement and also higher risk and chance to bump into the class grade 2+ river faster  . Obviously I volunteered myself to sit at the back . Yet I was the first to dip myself into the river even I was at the back position . The fall dipped wasn’t because of all the punching or high sliding moment but my instructor who claimed that water rafting is meant to dip yourself in the river rather than sitting in the packraft . End up I was thrown in the river for several time as the instructor just sat behind me . Towards the last point , I automatically jump into the water #fingercross  


Some rest point . Chilling in the river


The overall journey took us around 1 and half hour toward end point . It’s hectic especially with muscle ache condition like us after the hiking. Rewarded come with a buffet lunch cooked by the local there. What can I ask for more right?

You might concern 

– Total cost water rafting – RM235 ( everything inclusion except transport from receptive place to Beaufort )

– Bring extra 1 set of cloth for after water rafting use and of course the simple shower essential like shampoo.

– Sunblock is a must  !

– Waterproof case for camera/phone , GoPro will be best !  

# Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced.”
John Keats


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