The Amazing Journey in Eastern Tibet ◊

拉萨-巴松措-林芝-通脉天险-然乌湖-波密-拉萨 (Lhasa- Basong Lake – Nyingchi-Tongmai-Ranwu Lake-Bomi-Lhasa) 18/7: We left Lhasa as early as 5am. The 1st challenge is to pass Milha Mountain which is situated at 5013m above the sea level. As we had been comfortable with Lhasa’s altitude (averagely at 3500m above sea level), now we had the fear of altitude sickness strike. However upon reaching the mountain entrance, the main challenge was not the altitude, it was the super freezing cold weather. It was so cold that I can barely feel my fingers and I was pressing my camera shutter so randomly. DSC_1044-1We immediately moved down to a more comfortable weather zone, at the prairie. As the road condition was not so promising, I had to pop a motion sickness pill and slept like a pig. DSC_1144-1DSC_1219-1                           19/7: We moved out from Nyingchi Town which we spent a night. We had a pit stop at 鲁朗镇 which is also called Swiss of Tibet. Check out the awesome pine forest. They have the best claypot chicken that we rated the best food throughout our trip! DSC_1251-1DSC_1267-1We continued to cruise along the route to 通脉天险 (Tongmai). Our driver pulled over at a real beautiful ranch. The owner has a huge Tibetan mastiff that almost the size of a lion. One was required to pay in order to have a photo together with the beast. As the owner appeared to be slightly impolite and were talking in a sarcastic way, we decided to walk off as soon as we could. DSC_1314-1 DSC_1287-2-1DSC_1290-2-1               Upon reaching the junction to 通脉天险, many cars were queuing already, some has even got down of their cars. Only we were then told that road ahead was closed. Landslide happened and road condition ahead was not good. We were also told that some travellers took more than 10 hours to reach their destination a day before. However we decided to wait a little, hoping the condition will be cleared. Considering the same difficulty that we may face during the return journey, we had decided to turn back. The fact that we wanted so much to experience the so called “deadly path” of Tongmai, we did not want to risk missing the subsequent planned journey. This means we can only now imagine the pretty sight of 然乌湖 (Ranwu Lake) and 波密 (Bomi) from Google images…. Our tour guide and drivers had immediately came up with the alternatives to occupy the next 2 days. Despite the disappointment, the weather continued to be so good to us. Scenes along the return way was superb! DSC_1320-2-1DSC_0020-2-1 20/7: 德仲下温泉 (Hot spring) is the final destination for us today. We started early as the hot spring is quite a distance from 林芝 (Nyingchi). The first encounter of rapeseed field. DSC_0162-2-1 DSC_0094-1 We reached the hot spring at about 8pm, most of us were real tired. Some of us were complaining of headache, feverish, dizzy and lost of appetite. Later did we realize that we were strike by mild altitude sickness. We have forgotten to consume the medication at time ahead. 21/7: Awaken by door knock from fellow neighbours. We decided to get a dip in the open hot spring pool and we were good to go!  Check out this place we stayed and the hot spring pool on the right. It feels like you are giving a free “show” to the residents when you are in the pool. Please mind to take off your shirts and pants. *wink* DSC_0226-1 Monastery by the hill and another encounter of massive rapeseed field. So beautiful that i wanted to roll in the bushes! DSC_0268-2-1 DSC_0274-2-1 A random lookout point. Reminiscence of Lake Matheson in New Zealand. Too beautiful. DSC_0292-1DSC_0288-1 Today’s challenge – 扎叶巴寺(Yerpa). According to our guide, the effort required to the temple is double of Potala Palace. The tiny yellow building is the place we heading to. Of course we did not trek from down hill, just partial of it. DSC_0303-1DSC_0321-1               Trekking is just always not my thing. I was thinking to give up half the way, but I was told that we had to take another route to go down! *thunderstorm* However the effort was worthwhile, this picture explains it all. DSC_0346-2-1Unique architecture of 扎叶巴寺(Yerpa). DSC_0363-1DSC_0377-1                               I love the fact that the destinations these 2 days are not mainstream tourist places. We really had the whole place by our own, with no crowd, with our own pace. Peace. DSC_0426-1 Call it a day and we headed back to Lhasa for another exciting journey to begin. stay tuned! DSC_0446-1 DSC_0440-1                             to be continue… ◊ Feature Wayfarer Travelogue Contributor – Tan KN ◊

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