” Why ?”  ” Are you crazy? “

” You go up the mountain for what ? “

” Why Tibet? I cannot understand you anymore…”

These are the feedbacks I got when some of people around me asked where am I going next and why do I need such a long break from work.

Well… I do not seek to be understood. I only understand that Tibet has always been in my destination list. I was more than delighted when my friends asked if I am keen on joining the adventure. Of course! Without any hesitation my answer was a YES!

With sufficient headcount, Kafein started the communication with tour agent in China since end of Nov 13. The plan was to fly from KL to Chengdu, get on train from Chengdu to Lhasa and Lhasa to Chengdu by flight. This is the best way for acclimatization especially going into Tibet.



13/7/14 The 3 days 2 nights train journey starts today! We got on the train on 20.45 from Chengdu train station heading to Lhasa, Tibet. One do not have to expect too much from the train as they only have basic facilities. No shower rooms but only toilets and basins with icy cold water for you to freshen up. No sophisticated room but room with bunk beds. There are options to have 4 beds or 6 beds. You can even opt for seats (which are advisable for short journey passengers only).

You are going to imagine it will be a freaking long journey to be just sitting in the train for 3 days 2 nights but when you have good companies, it is easy! From day to day, you can expect very beautiful scenery from the train windows.

Day 2 from the train windows:

At 西宁 (Xi Ning)



This is what you do when you are bored. Check out the small aisle and small room in the train.



















Day 3 in train, the views out there are superb!




DSC_0501-1 DSC_0498-1
















DSC_0520-2-2 DSC_0515-1

















那曲 (Na Qu) from train window


DSC_0559-2While on day 3, the train climbed as high as about 5000 m, some of the passengers in train were hit by high altitude sickness. You can see people attached to the oxygen outlets along the train aisle. 4 ladies beside our cabin were dizzy and had bad headache. There were sounds of people puking in the toilet. However we were very lucky that we made sufficient preparation. We consumed 红景天(Hong Jing Tian) since 2 weeks before and we were having the course of Diamox since a day before. All of us was well.

15/7/13 About 4.30pm, we finally reached Lhasa train station! Hurray! Officially we reached Tibet!!




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# Have you been to any Lhasa train journey ?

# How do you feel?

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