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Upon out from the train station, we were greeted with 2x 4 wheel drive to fit all the 8 of us. Our drivers had to drop us somewhere near the hotel and we needed to walk a bit. We all started to feel tired upon few steps. We had to stop to catch our breath.

After reaching Lhasa, the no-shower-day has not ended!! We were advised not to take bath until the next day end! *OMG i felt so sticky* Reason is to prevent the chance of us catch cold and this will easily trigger the high altitude sickness. We were also advised to take deeper breath, eat moderately and to have a good sleep.

Real beautiful architecture around Lhasa town. 

DSC_0766 DSC_0764


16/7/14 – Everyone woke up happily to find out that we were fine! Today the real challenge began – we headed to Potala Palace, 布达拉宫. Every visitor is given only 2 hours to complete the visit. Only 3000 people is permitted to enter the palace each day. Worshipers flocking to Potala Palace. Beware if you are taking picture of the locals, some of them feel pretty offensive to be photographed.













The front view of Potala Palace. Red and white hall.DSC_0689-1DSC_0706-1Not forgetting a selfie with Potala Palace.

20140716_113545-120140716_133700-1I tried my best to walk as fast as I could◊ while making constant stops to catch my breath. Trekking, hiking is always not my thing! Information over loaded from our dedicated tour guide 才旦扎西. He was once a monk, and he knows every single detail, myth and stories of each sculpture and mural paint in the palace. Too bad photo is not allowed in the temples of Potala Palace.

View from top of Potala Palace.
















My lovely companies










Potala Palace from the opposite street

DSC_0332-1After Potala Palace, we moved on to 大昭寺 (Jo khang). This is another significant and one of the most sacred temple situated in middle of Lhasa. Again….the staircases were killing me… There were too many sculptures in the temple that i could not recall each of the story behind. Irregardless of all difficulties and hurdles we had, nothing beats the awesomeness of finally getting a real good shower at the end of the day!

DSC_0809There were so many worshipers performing 一跪一拜(pray with kneeling)  in 大昭寺. You can almost see hope and determination in their eyes during the ritual.


DSC_0788-2-1DSC_0772-117/7/14 – Still moving around Lhasa to consolidate and visit places near the town. We went to 哲蚌寺(Drepung Monastery). 1st thing to note, freaking awful toilets. Hoong Geng even puked after coming out from the toilet! This is something I have to complain… the toilets are unbearably smelly and dirty. Believe me that you will not even want to stay in there for another second. Nor will you ever have the mood to take a picture to prove how bad they are. The worst was sometimes we have to pay for the non-maintained toilets! After some times, we began to give up going to proper toilets, we opted to answer calls of nature in the wild with the umbrellas.

DSC_0896-1DSC_0903-1At the Tibet museum. Nothing interesting…in and out, there we go posing outside it.

DSC_0952Debate of the monks at 沙拉寺(Se Ra Dgon)

DSC_0957-2-1DSC_0964-1to be continue…

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  1. So cool. I’m dying to go to Tibet! It wasn’t allowed when I was in China last time, sadly. It looks so amazingly beautiful and all of my friends in China kept telling me I had to go!

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