After few hours chaotic traffic route from Medan to Berastagi with Suzuki van , we were so glad once we reached Nachelle Homestay. We were arranged to stay at the roof top room that can occupied 6 of us in a room . Initially we thought of exploring the night market around yet late timing has killed our plan . Lucky that our homestay host Mery manage to request the durian stall in front of her house to delay their stall closing time and waited for us . I was thinking at least we have something to bite.. To be honest , the light smell and colour of the durian’s meat didn’t really fancy us . We decided to try one ONLY which taste more “bitter” instead of sweet ( 4 of us have the same sense taste !) 


In the end we requested to open another new seed . It tasted pretty good than it looks !! Most important , it’s super cheap with the grade price of the durian ate before . Approximate RM5 , 2 $USD for one durian ! Obviously , there is no such good price selling in Malaysia nor even Thailand (please tell if you know any cheaper place durian

The next day we woke up around 4am early in the morning to prepare our hike to Stratovolcano Mount Sibayak (Gunung Sibayak). 17th of August was Indonesia Independent Day , we did expecting it to be more crowded than usual after explained by our host and also our guide Abdy . However , it was much more crowded than I ever imagined ! We need to queue up at the starting point. It’s muddy and slippery due to yesterday drizzle . A trekking shoe /old sport shoes will be essential as you will never want to let your NIKE submerge into mud shower. Relatively it’s still an easy trek as you have proper path to hike most of the time. Elevation is around 7,257~7,500 ft. No altitude signal concern at all .

That is another active Volcano – Mount Sinabung which harder to hike up ( Total 6 hours needed) DSCF0710_副本

We took nearly an hour longer (6:00 am ++) than usual time to reach the peak due to human traffic along the trek.To be able to catch the sunrise , ideally reaching time has to fall around 5:30am .

The weather was not so cooperative . It was cloudy and gloomy . Due to human traffic congested and cloudy day , we weren’t able to see the beautiful sunrise (check Nachelle Homestay if you wonder how nice the sunrise scenery). Well , think of the positive part . How often could you see such people crowd and tents on top of a Mount right ?


Kids that hiked to Mount SibayakSaw this little 3-4 years old girl who did the trekking with the family was a little frustrated seeing so many people around .( I asked permission to take this picture)
















There were strong sulfur smell surround the whole peak area. The continuous steam vent gas coming out out of nowhere created some mysterious feel ( provided no such crowded condition). The empty lake crater seem to create another scene whereby people can walk down for some stone word creation.Even I had no idea what they were trying to arrange . 


Sat at the cliff edge seem the only option to avoid the tourist crowd  


Indeed we tried to look for some other better spot and angle to snap nicer pictures to avoid the photobomb crowd . In the end , we just gave up . When we hiked up the another side edge of the mount , different type of stunning scene presented . We were able to see Berastagi villages and some symbolic temple building from the peak.  (oh well , maybe those mentioned can be seen the photos )

DSCF0675_副本    DSCF0693_副本DSCF0686_副本_副本DSCF0680_副本_副本

DSCF1628_副本The yellowish sulfur rock could be seen scattered around


Along the hike , the strong patriotic spirit perfectly showed by the local during this Independent day . They carried national flag up to the mountain and screamed ” Merdeka ” . For a second , I thought I was back in Malaysia. #LOL To feat this big day of the local , we got the Indonesia flags distribution for free !

Jump shot captured by the host and guide Abdy  copyright *10620544_921367547880398_3228704737674612307_nDSCF0674_副本_副本_副本 

Wonder how crowd was the condition when we went down ? –> DSCF0741_副本_副本


Missed Attraction

To avoid the congested traffic/human again , we decided to give up the hot spring part and headed for breakfast at the morning market . Again , due to restricted time , we had to give up some interesting spot in Berastagi such as Two Colour Water . Ideally will be spending 2 days in Berastagi to have much more sight seeing leisure time and also experience the local markets and foods. Abdy and Mery from  Nachelle Homestay is definitely a good host choice for anyone who wants explore there.

Group shot ! Wonder why is this homestay named “Nachelle” ? That’s the name of Abdy and Mery’s little adorable daughter 




Volcano mount hike + entrance fee + Transportation – IDR 130,000 = MYR 37 per pax   (*subjected to pax)

Accommodation at Nachelle Homestay – IDR 66,000 = MYR 19 per pax (*subjected to pax)

Food – Breakfast  MYR 5 ~ MYR 7


Have to been this small town – Berastagi ?

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