When people heard that I am gonna travel to Indonesia – Medan , immediately will have the tendency to link it with the symbolic attraction – Lake Toba . In fact, 80% comments I got was saying it has nothing to see but the landscape scenery of the world largest volcano lake. Please don’t listen to that ! It definitely much more than Lake Toba for such big North Sumatera of Indonesia . 

However due to bad timing of flight purchased again .We decided to skip Medan visit to save some time for other places. We reached late afternoon in Medan Kuala Namu airport. Surprised to know that the airport looks so much better than I had in mind. Most important , we were so obsessed with the pretty speedy free WIFI provided !! Thanks to the WIFI , I got my whatsapp message from Abdy  told that our arranged driver who holding my name had been waiting for us at the gate.  The arranged SUZUKI Kijang fit 6 of us well even we had hard time squeezed in our luggage at the back , well maybe it need ” some technique ” .

The travel mate Kit volunteered himself to sit at the driver side passenger seat. This decision had caught him in first class position to experience Medan’s traffic and Indonesia style of driving habits . The common sounds we may heard along the journey to Berastagi will be from him with ” whoaa, whooa ~~ ” (too surprised with the “adventure” style of driving ” 

Wonder how crazy and epic it is? Well I wish I could describe with words or photos how’s he drove. Most of the time he would just cut the traffic long – Q and most vehicles around distanced each other in few inches close that I kept on thinking it will just touch each other any time !! Unconsciously , my foot hoping for a car break to be pressed whenever I saw a car opposite driving towards us… that certain amuse 6 of us in the car  

Medan Opelet  

Some modified type of “Oplet” to sustain more passengers

People sang with a guitar on the street while the traffic light was in red stoppage and hoping for some money in return…I wondered..

Medan street


Durian in Medan

It was durian season in August , we actually saw a street that full with durians !!(It might be “durian street” there ). I wished I had time to shop around.

Some might wonder it’s dangerous to get such driver there like us ? Well I would said f you get a driver  who doesn’t cut Q and also drive slow might be even dangerous as most of the local there drive it that way ….

Wanna experience “Formula 1 ” type of car ride excitement  ? Medan might suit you !

#Have you been to Medan ?

How do you feel?


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