After conquered the peak of Mount Kota Kinabalu , realised that the tortured part for me was to get down to foothill in the same day . Happily saw some of my travel buddies went down burdenless while my knee joint start to get ache as my “Kampung Puma” has no padding to support on the bounce force . Every stepped down has stimulated my pain receptor. My guide Robin kept on saying ” You can , don’t stop, just walk down “… .  At last , I had no idea how but I just did quick walk rushed down with my guide as my walking stick and it’s getting dark while another 6 of my buddies had went down earlier whereas the rest 7 of us were slow due to several factors . The moment when I saw some gleam from the front gate, it was like another goal achievement for me !

With hectic body, we headed to Philip Garden Chalet  as our shelter for that night. We booked 2 chalets that can occupied 13 of us. Immediately , “coma” sleep mode turned on after shower


 Morning scenery view from the chalet. Chill weather for highland 




No doubt that Kundasang Desa Cattle farm is one of the attraction spot in Kundasang that we can’t miss. Each of us paid RM4 admission fee to have short tour around the farm to check out the cow/goat milk processing method and for sure some other typical type of tourist activities – animal feeding *. Basically all cows were imported from New Zealand and Australia where Kundasang climate temperature serves them well to provide good milk. Conclusion, try the fresh milk and maybe bring some cereal (joking)


IMG_0506 IMG_0509_副本 ~


Scenery behind was part of the Mount Kota Kinabalu.

After lunch , I was told that we gonna visit Kundasang local fish spa center and I had no expectation to see those fishes size were that big for a fish spa standard . An adult fish can actually has 55-60cm body size long. All of us hesitated to go in the water for the first glance as the fishes get damn aggressive with the fish snack and our feet …. 

IMG_0544  IMG_0546

My first attempted to put my hand inside the river. It was totally an unbearable panic shown (scream sound around ) and pulled out my hand quickly . Then only I realised that those fishes bite actually didn’t cause any pain but slightly itchy even they are so big(inverse the small fish bit was even pain). After few trial of “fish confinement” , all of us started to have fun feeding those fishes around . 


Before leaving Kundasang to Kota Kinabalu town, we made our last stop at Poring hot spring where nature hot spring treatment that might help to relax muscle pain after the mount hike(RM10 per entrance).


It is not so convenient for public transportation in Kundasang nor KK . Best way will be rent a car with local driver service.   

#Have you been to Kundasang?

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