Finally another wish list task fulfilled after so many years of wondering . I always regret that I didn’t get myself a scuba license with the Marine Science course friends during my University time (with super good deal course price ** slap*) . After compared 3 main island in Terengganu region – Redang Island , Lang Tengah and Perhentian Island . I decided to get course done with Turtle Bay Divers in Perhentian big Island after reading several reviews . Even the dive center does not own accommodation but they did help me to arrange accommodation with Mama’s Chalet in big island .

Basically PADI Open Water course takes 4 days and 3 nights to be completed. Buddy and me took night bus depart from Malacca 8pm and it took us almost 10 hours (#torturejouney) to reach a small station Jerteh (Terengganu region) which is the nearest to the Kuala Besut jetty . Alternate way will be taking bus from Putra Perhentian Kuala Lumpur where you can reach Kuala Besut directly.

Owner of Mama’s Chalet Aziz help us to arrange driver to pick us at Jerteh to ensure we didn’t get lost as we barely saw any cars or “human” there early in the morning. Therefore , transportation arrangement in advance is a must for night bus passenger to ensure safety. It took us around 15 min journey with sardine pack condition in a cab with another 2 ladies from German and Poland to reach Jetty . The dawn over the harbour manage to calm some unsatisfactory mood in the cab


Around 50 minutes boat journey , 2 of us were place on a floating wooden raft in the middle of sea . I asked curiously

” Bang, dah sampai? turun kah sini ? “  Tran – ” Are we going down here “

” Ya, tunggu kah sini, nanti orang datang. ”   Trans – ” Yes, just wait here, someone will pick you up” 


With question mark popped went off the boat and everyone on the boat waved goodbye to us cheekily .


The splendid view of sea and sky was so relax and we just can’t stop the shutter to be pressed down. Crystal clear water was so tempting and I did have an urge to jump off to swim ! Lesson learnt , wear your bikini earlier next time ! You may need it in an unexpectedly situation …  


Eventually , we lingered at the wooden raft and sun bathing for 20 min without knowing the time passing so fast ! Until then i check my phone clock… Fine , I have to call the owner – Aziz…  Then only we were picked after the call .


One of the main reason I chose Mama’s Chalet as it’s located just right beside Turtle Bay divers shop . The owner Aziz arranged our room at the last chalet with seaview where I just need to walk few steps to the dive shop. It couldn’t be more convenient for me . AC Room with bathroom attached was pretty cozy (RM160 per night ) .  


We got some buffer time while waiting for our instructor transferred from the long beach(another Turtle Bay Dive shop base in long beach) . We took our own sweet time walked along the beach and have some breakfast before the class start .


Initially 2 of us were arranged to form as a buddy with 1 instructor ( standard is 4 students vs 1 instructor) . Another new friend found in our group who came slightly late to join up and make it 3 students vs 1 instructor. We need to watch 1st video lesson and some quiz homework before the practical start and seriously we turned into super sleepy due to the restless night in bus .

I guess our instructor just noticed our sleepy mood and changed video lesson to evening time .I was so happy to hear…

” Girls , lets start some self introduction first “

After that , we were briefed with the dive gadget installation practical then only we got off for water confinement session at the seashore area !! ( some dive center did earlier in the pool) 


For the 1st day lesson , it’s all about getting familiar with all the equipment set up, water confinement and some pressure along buoyancy control technique . Obviously 3 of us were in kind of mess condition . Indeed I did feel like vomiting when I got up to the surface due to some buoyancy control failure in the water where i spun in the water unconsciously . Well, my instructor just smiled at me when I feedbacked about my condition …. That night after our virgin dive , 2 of us slept so well from 8am to 7am next morning. Guess what , we were energetic like rebirth baby again ! 

2nd day was another attempted to get ” sink ” after put up 3 block of weight belt . At the same time control buoyancy at the same level . Hmm.. yes ..fundamentally did a staircase condition #LOL. Highlight part will be several technique learning to take off & wear back our own mask, regulator, BCG etc. Seriously , this was my less favourited session of all..


By 2nd dive lesson – Batu Nisan then only we managed to get some good feeling to maintain at certain level without burst up to the surface and enjoy those marine creatures ! I just can’t resist myself to Nemo over flow cuteness      


Night time , we decided take a boat ride to long beach (perhentian kecil) to enjoy the more happening night as big island shop and restaurant closed very early (Negotiate for the boat cost if you got more people) . I would say it’s more to family type of island compare to long beach where you can enjoy party and Shisha . Definitely stay here for my next visit!  


3rd day -D’ Lagoon, we started getting familiar with under water condition and buoyancy control technique . We managed to bump into quite a number different type of marine life. I was so excited to see a couple Hambug Damsel playing around , an instinct of placing my hand to join the fish joy turned to get a welcome bite by it. Lesson of the day, they might look adorable small but they bite …


2nd dive after lunch break we headed to Shark Point. One of my favourite spot even I was a little bit disappointed for not meeting any shark there . We were brought to deeper 18 meter under water with not so good visibility .This is the time where i can felt the temperature differences  in different depth due to water density .It was totally another type of feeling !

The astonished part when we got up to the surface was to know we are going to have swim test for 200m in the sea towards the shallow cliff by taking off all the equipment left only fin with us.

I asked my instructor ” take off everything ?”    “Yes , don”t worry, just kick ”

After all , the swim test was way more hectic then I thought especially when wave is not gentle to us.  

P1020168     P1020172_副本

4th day- Batu Nisan dived was our last dive. It’s more to leisure dive as all lessons has completed and left only the final paper exam . Let’s the photo speak

P1020191_副本 P1020193_副本 P1020219_副本 P1020216_副本P1020196_副本

The complicated mood seems to turn on after the last dive when I headed back on boat. Happy that I am a certified diver, nervous that if I couldn’t pass my theory exam ( anyway , I pass with good grade ! ) . After all , I am just too unwilling to leave the ocean so fast … I know I should have extend it yet my schedule doesn’t allow me to do so . Somehow , I used to think that I am not an ocean type of person but this moved step made me realized the amazing side of another world . I would say I am in love with the ocean =). Look forward next dive !


The buddies and Instructor Eddy 


Now I know why diving is an addiction…!

#Have you been to Perhentian Island ?

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