Since I got my PADI OW license , I got quite a numbers of questions asked by friends around. Hope below might help to clear some of your doubts . 

1. Must I have a license to dive ?

Indeed , you can still dive even without getting a license (Discover Scuba Diving ), just that you always have limitation for dive site,depth and etc. Is like driving, if you wanna drive without driving license , you can only drive in certain area/region with your instructor fully guided .


2. How to get a  scuba diving license ?

 This is easy , just find a CERTIFIED PADI dive shop and sign up for beginner diving course – Open Water Course . Not to forget with qualified instructor / Dive Master guidance .You may dive anywhere in the world up to 18 m depth once you get your license !


3. What is PADI , why PADI ?

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is one of the largest and well recognized by world wide dive school for recreational and also some advanced technical diving skill . You might find other certified dive school like SSI ,NAUI  that serve worldwide provide similar course certification . Basically it is around the same , just that you may find is easier to get PADI dive shop compare to the other 2 dive shop in most of the islands. (At least I find it’s easier to find PADI compare the others)


4. I can’t SWIM or float , can I go diving or am I suitable to go for Open Water Dive course ?

Definitely you can dive even you can’t swim. What you need is good water feeling and not afraid of water . However , I would advise you to learn some basic swimming skill as it do help you to control better compare to a person who doesn’t know how to swim( I experienced that) .  There will be one session which is 200 m swim test required in the course. Detail check out here 


5. What’s the course about? 

To prevent mother story telling , summary to say the course contain 70% practical (dive equipment set up, buoyancy control etc ) and 30 %theory (video,books,calculation etc) . For course detail, you can always ask the dive shop you engaged .  


7. How they evaluate ? It is very hard to pass the theory exam ? 

Evaluation will be base on your 4 days practical performance and final exam result. Through different dive session practice, instructor will evaluate from your capability under water . Theory wise , I wouldn’t say it is easy nor hard, as long you understand all the rules and regulation, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to pass. 


8.  Once I paid , will I assure to get my license ? 

As far as know , some of the dive shop will state term and condition license issue fully rely on one’s own capability. If you can’t meet the requirement , they would consider ” please try again ” . Optional you might need more than 4 days which take longer practice until you are qualify for it. Well no worries, most people pass and get the license. 


9. ” Diving is dangerous !! ” , ” I am scared ”  

Well , every activities will have the risk there . Same goes to drive a car . What you need to bear in mind that safety come first . Always follow the diving guideline instructions and safety precautions . Diving can be super fun and safe !! If you found yourself feeling uncomfortable or unwell under water, you may always inform your instructor and stop the dive .  


10. I have “short sight eyes “(myopia ) can I wear contact lens /are those dive shop provide power mask ?  

Basically is not advise to wear contact lens while diving as there is possibility that the water may get into your mask, indirectly get into eyes . You may feeling extremely uncomfortable even after mask clearing method applied . However ,there are still people who fine with wearing lens (special type). Anyway, there are -1 to -8 or -9 power mask available in the market. You may also ask the dive shop you engaged for range of power mask available in the store .

* Lastly , do take note prolong fly period after diving is a MUST to ensure you’ve off-gassed any nitrogen in your system before going to different altitude. (I burnt my flight ticket due to not aware of this altitude guideline >< ) Therefore flight arrangement as below is the minimum guideline 

– A single dive within recreational limits: 12 hours.

– Multiple days/multiple recreational dives: 18 hours.

– Decompression diving (planned or unplanned): 24 to 48 hours



Are you ready to be a divers ? What to wait ??  Just go for it  if you are eager to explore another side of this world. Just move your 1st step and you might get unexpected surprise gain .

Remember … You Only Live Once =) 


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